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Schlage SM10 - Firmware Compared to MT-series
The firmware on the SM10 is the same as the MT-series readers, except only the X14 firmware package is loaded....
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What are the model numbers for the new Schlage and XceedID wall mounted credential readers?
            The Legacy wall mounted readers are replaced as shown in the table below:  The MTMS15 and MTMSK15 did not have any prior models that it ...
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Sm10 reader is not reading cards
If the card is not from  Schlage a configuration card would need to be ordered to configure the reader for CSN (card serial number). ...
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I cannot see the Credential Badge ID number of an enrolled credential in Engage.
If the badges are locally enrolled at a Engage lock, the cards or fobs only show as Credential 1 or Credential 2 etc. The Card IDs are only visible if you are using smart credentials and en...
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