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What is Zero International?
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How does a 7350 Automatic Door Bottom work on a sliding door?
When the door is slid to the shut position, the plunger of the automatic door bottom is depressed by the frame causing the seal to drop down, even on this model. Application considerations: ...
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Do the Zero cam lift hinges have removable pins?
No.  The cam lift hinges do not have removable pins....
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Can a flood barrier shield be left in place permanently?
As a general rule, the barrier should not be left in place permanently.  The gasketing can be impacted by environmental conditions such as temperature and sunlight, especially for exterior condit...
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Is it possible to cut a Zero automatic door bottom (ADB) ?
Following are considerations for cutting an Automatic Door Bottom (ADB):  Zero ADBs can be trimmed down in the field to better fit the opening. Trimming must be done on the lock si...
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How much can be cut from a 355 door bottom?
You can safely cut up to 3" from a 355 door bottom....
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What does MSLA mean for a Zero threshold?
MSLA is optional mounting hardware for thresholds.  MSLA-10 (also called #223) is a 10-24 machine screw with anchor.  MSLA-4 (also called #224) is a 1/4-20 machine screw with anchor.  O...
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What does ZAG mean in a Zero specification?
Zero offers scored ligature-resistant gasketing to prevent the gasketing from being used for other than intended purposes, including harming self or others.  Gasketing ordered with this feature i...
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Is a plastic cushion included with all automatic door bottoms (ADB) ?
Yes, a plastic cushion is included with all screw packs shipped with  Automatic Door Bottoms.  This cushion is used to minimize marking on a wood frame....
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