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How to transfer files from Schlage Express from one computer to another
How To: Transfer files from Schlage Express Software from one computer to another, in the event a new computer is going to be the only access point for set up or the password was changed in the soft...
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Can I use a SNAP programmer to program your FE210 or BE367?
Yes, although using the SNAP programmer is not recommended, because it is more difficult to program through the computer. In addition, Schlage no longer sells the SNAP programmer. The best ...
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BE367 Programming Computer Compatability
To program these locks make sure you have either Windows 7 Pro or XP professional 3.5.7. Only SMS 4.0 or higher will work with Windows 7 Professional. SMS and the HHD will not work wi...
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How do I perform Control (BE467 / FE410) lock Firmware Updates?
You can only update the firmware on the Control lock using the Engage app on your mobile device. Go to the lock, in the Engage app select the door you want to update the firmware on. Click o...
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