User questions

  • Can a Chexit release delay time be changed in the field?
  • Can a Chexit release delay time be changed in the field?
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  • Can a 4010 be mounted with swing clear hinges?
  • Is the Von Duprin 6111 electric strike compatible with Von Duprin XP98/99 rim exit device?
  • Falcon MA Series
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  • Are intumescent seals or gaskets required on fire rated steel doors?
  • Can wood doors be used with with double egress frames?
  • How do I order a Von Duprin mullion prepped for something other than our standard strikes?
  • Are Ives butt hinges fire rated?
  • What is the largest diameter hole that Steelcraft can provide for viewer preps?
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  • Can doors be prepared for raceways in the factory?
  • Can 5100 electric strikebe used on fire rated door?
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  • Can decorative metal panels be installed over the entire surface of fire doors?
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