signal switch chexit


To get a dry contact signal from a Chexit device to monitor the alarm, use the blue and brown wires (do not connect the blue to the red)  of the harness connector cable tha...
The RX monitors the push bar while the LX monitors the latch bolt of the exit device. A SS device has an LX and a key cylinder switch plus an emergency push bar signage.
A Door Position Switch is a switch and magnet mounted on the door and frame that monitors the door status. If door is held open beyond rearm time or if door is forced open, alarm wil...
For Chexit devices with solenoid driven shipped from the factory prior to 8-24-2015, the RX switch is ordered as a "Special CX RX Switch".  It may only be installed or adjusted ...
113781 is the part number for Von Duprin 15 second CX sign.
The micro-switch with two orange wires is probably the Chexit switch assembly for devices shipped prior to 8-24-2015 with solenoid driven, part number 13-065-00.