User questions

  • What are the LCN Senior Swing error codes?
  • What size machine screws are used with thru bolts and a 2-3/4" thick door and a 4040 closer?
  • Is there a care and maintenance document for Ives and Glynn Johnson products?
  • What is the part number for the Von Duprin maintenance kit?
  • When ordering the mullion stabilizers do you need a set per door or does one set set take care of a pair of doors?
  • How should I clean a biometric hand reader?
  • What parts are included in the L9000 maintenance kit?
  • Is there a service kit for modular cylinders?
  • Are there any instructions for Von Duprin device maintenance?
  • What maintenance is required for an LCN closer?
  • Does the ND lock have an RX option?
  • Proximity Card
  • Can I communicate via RS-232 to a Hand Reader if they have an EN-200 ethernet or MD-500 modem installed?
  • What is the Primus I. D. card part number?
  • Why does the DC output voltage on the PS914-2RS or PS914-4RL drops when access control is activated?
  • What are the steps I need to take in order to do a card emulation test between biometric hand readers?
  • How do you reset a PIB300 or PIB301 back to factory defaults?
  • Lead times, Freight policies and guidelines?
  • Will the Von Duprin PS902 power supply operate the QEL device?
  • How do you order the L series thumbturn with the ADA option?
  • What is the part number for a mortise thumbturn for rose trim?
  • What is the part number for the L9000 product thumbturn cylinder?
  • What is in a 23538820 Tamper Torx Screw Pack for AD-Series Mortise Locks?
  • What other locks can the blue lever removal tool 24002693 be used with?
  • What operator is best for high traffic automatic use.