card serial numberr


Acronym for the Card Serial Number, a unique, unencrypted identification number contained on the integrated chip in each smart card. May also be referred to as UID.
The MT2 and the Si readers are two different readers. The MT2 is MultiTech reader that can read smart and prox cards on an AD locks.  It can only read the encoded sector of Sch...
If the card is not from  Schlage a configuration card would need to be ordered to configure the reader for CSN (card serial number).
CO-100 now allows the PIN code length to be changed manually.  Each CO100 has a label that indicates its firmware revision.  Firmware revision 2.5.0 or higher support these...
CO-100 PIN length can range from 3 digits to 6 digits with firmware version 2.5.0 and higher.
Procedure to change PIN length: 1. Press {programming code (default is 97531)} then {*}.2. Press {99} then {*}, to enter Special Function Length Menu.3. Press {4} then {*}, to enter Pin Length M...
CO-100 now has NEW lock status reporting capabilities. Battery status, firmware version, hardware version and PCB serial number. See instructions below for these status menus.