User questions

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  • How do you get a 4600 Series operator out of "Fire Alarm" mode?
  • Is a fire alarm board required for a Chexit using the PS914?
  • How do I wire an EL device to normally hold open the latch and release it during a fire alarm?
  • When were 313AN & 315AN anodized finishes changed to SP313 (695) and 622 powder coat finishes?
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  • What is the Buy American Act (BAA)?
  • Why does the fuse blow in the power supply when arming the Von Duprin Chexit device?
  • Are there any instructions for Von Duprin device maintenance?
  • What is Everest 29 keyway?
  • How do you mount an LCN door closer on an arched or radius door?
  • What is the maximum degree of opening you can template a 4110 Cush closer?
  • Where is factory recommendation for location of an EPT?
  • Are the Falcon SC Series door closers fire rated?
  • Is the Von Duprin 1609 strike fire rated for pairs of doors?
  • Which strike do you use with an XP98/99 device?