von duprin cd


Standard 98/99 exit alarm ALK devices are available with cylinder dogging option as of October, 2011. The device can be ordered standard with cylinder dogging and exit alarm ALK opti...
The cam is not inverted on the mortise cylinder for the CD option.
The Von Duprin CD kit comes with the cover plate machined to accept the cylinder dogging mortise cylinder.1 1/4" mortise cylinder with an inverted straight cam is required for CD option on Von Dupr...
There is not enough room for both options as the dogging mechanism in a standard cylinder dogging and the electronics for the EL or QEL options are both located at the end of the base plate. For 9...
Cylinder dogging (CD) and an RX switch can be ordered together with 33/35 or 98/99 series.
This can be done ONLY with non fire rated exit devices.
Cylinder dogging CD is not available with 22 series exit device.
Cylinder Dogging(CD) is not an option on any Falcon-Dor-o-matic device.
The device is not available with cylinder dogging, but the outside cylinder assembly on the pull side of the door can be set for a hold back function (instead of nightlatch function), which essenti...
How To: Transfer files from Schlage Express Software from one computer to another, in the event a new computer is going to be the only access point for set up or the password was changed in the s...
Cylinder Dogging, CD, Less Dogging, LD, Center Case Dogging, SD
CD, SD, Cylinder Dogging, Special Dogging
REPLACE WITH 6500059 FOR 17,18,19
A non-fire rated QEL, QEL+, and QELA exit device can be converted to HD by removing the motor and adding the Hex Dogging Replacement kit 050709, and the HD conversion kit, 050114 for 33...
The AE option is now called RX (Request to Exit) to match other Allegion exit brands nomenclature. The feature of getting a signal from the pushing of the device's pushpad is the same.