wraparound masonry frame


Yes, an additional jamb anchor can be used at the bottom of the frame in lieu of the typical (adjustable or weld-in) base anchor in fire rated frames. This is limited to the anchor designed for...
Mortar; Masonry Frame
Excessive premature frame rusting is caused by improper jobsite installation practices and most likely caused by the following circumstances: Grout: Frames are grouted in place using incorrec...
F-Series, FN-Series, MU-Series, FE-Series, DE-Series; Grouted Frame
Mortared Frame; Masonry Frame
This condition (toed in or toed out jambs) is usually not found until the door is installed. Frames which have toed in or toed out jambs have been installed out of tolerance. It is the resp...
During the construction cycle, spot rust is usually attributed to either material handling damage or improper storage of the material on the jobsite. The material must be repaired and repainted as ...
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F16, F14, F12, F Series; Masonry Frame, Drywall Frame, Conventional Frame
FN16, FN14, FN Series; Masonry Frame, Drywall Frame, Conventional Frame