why is qel not retracting


You may have a defective motor bracket, defective base plate or vertical rod could be out of adjustment.
  Pushing on the push  bar or activating the EL/QEL or the trim on Von Duprin XP98/99 exit device does not retract the latch, it releases the latch only. Door must be pushed or pulled when device o...
The following could cause the QEL device to retract and release repeatedly: If this is a vertical rod type device, the vertical rods could be adjusted too short. Check rods for dead locking, ...
SD is Special cylinder dogging in the center case of 98/99 rim and vertical rod non fire rated devices and is available with standard, EL, QEL, CX and ALK.
Yes the Von Duprin QEL exit device retracts the latch bolt and pushpad. Pushpad and latch bolt stay retracted as long as power is applied to the QEL exit device.
Use #18 gauge wire up to 200 feet maximum distance from PS900 x 900-2Q power supply to the QEL exit device. The new QEL+ no longer requires the 900-2Q board but still needs a different option board...