when did LCN change rollers


  Product shipped on or after Feb. 8th, 2016 The "3034" and "3034H" are internal part designation that LCN uses to specify regular (3034) and hold open ...
On Feb 8th, 2016 - LCN launched the redesign of the Hold open clip which changed multiple components of our Track style closers, including the roller, track, hold open clip, and bumper.   
The 4330 / 4430 is an obsolete ME closer replaced by the 4310ME or 4410ME Series.
The old 4030 series was: Handed Mounted regular arm hinge side. Had sized springs, were not adjustable. The 4033 is an obsolete closer.  If required, handing can be verified by looking at ...
The 4010 Series "fixed" sized springs are no longer available. The 4010 Series closer are now available as a 4011 and a 4016. The 4011 is an adjustable spring closer for sizes 1-5. The 4016 is stil...
The 7253 is the Ives pivot set that replaced the LCN CP150.