what is maximum pressure for opening handicap door


The 5 pound force requirement is in reference to the maximum force to swing the door, not the maximum force allowed to unlatch the exit device.  Maximum allowed force to retract the Von D...
The 4110 Cush closer can be templated for 85°, 90°, 100°, and 110° maximum as standard templates. The 4110 if ordered by ST-3220 will allow templating to 135°
Always check the most current revision of the ANSI A156.19 standard for recommendation or requirement of the location of a Knowing Act switch. 2019 ANSI A156.19 states the requirement of the ...
The 4000T Series closers have a maximum opening of 90°.
Door Swing
The Senior Swing operator is designed to power open the door to 90°. The built in dead stop (in the gearbox) prevents it from opening any further. If the Senior Swing operator is opening to far (pa...
H-Series doors in single leaf applications with only mortise locks meet the FBC / NOA Zone 4 requirements? 3070 max flush outswing applications Zone 4 requires 120 to 170 psf.