What does re-handed mean


Right Hand, Left hand
The Falcon FA arm is a non-handed arm similar to the LCN EDA arm.The Falcon FA-HO arm is a handed arm similar to the LCN HEDA arm.
The Flair design handing must be specified when ordering a complete lock or just the lever.
The 912L trims produced after 2/28/2011can be re-handed in the field. See appropriate 912L instructions at 912L instructions for trims after 2/28/2011For 912L instructions on trims prior ...
4040XP Series (4040 DEL) is a universal closer. *(see note) Non Handed closer. Can be mounted on a RH or LH door. 4041XP - Adjustable size 1 to 6. Can mount push side or pull side of the doo...