The old style Von Duprin 3327 top latch and rod is longer available.  The part number for old 3327 top latch was 105339.
Yes, the top latch for the 25-V carried over from the 18-V device. Surface vertical rod top latch = part #650389 or #650375(fire rated)
The part number for 98/9927/F top latch less cover is 050400.
This is available. If this is a fire rated opening you must use the Auxiliary Fire Latch Kit to maintain your Fire Rating.  If not fire rated simply omit the bottom rod but be aware that your...
Vertical Rod latch that secures a panic device to the top frame
The part number for 5547 top latch and rod assembly is 050053-00.  
There are a number of reasons the Von Duprin 55 or 88 series cross bar may not operate properly: The hinge case spring lifts both lever arms and the crossbar. To check spring, pu...
Check the adjustment and if this does not resolve then you may possibly have a defective center case or bottom latch.
The following items may cause the exit devices top latch from being held in the retracted position. 1. The top or bottom rods are out of adjustment. 2. The top latch hold back...
Following exit devices 2227/F, 33/3527A/F, 33/3547A/48A/F, 98/9927/F and 98/9947/48/F have similar rod adjustment procedures. All top latches control the bottom latch assemblies. When do...
Most likely need to length the top rod so latch can engage it's internal latch retention state. See 2390 Instructions for adjusting rod lengths.
The top latch for a Fire rated surface vertical rod device is part #650375-00 which replaced the old part #F588.