The LCN -61 Blade Stop Spacer is powder coated steel and measures 4" x 1 1/8" x 1/2" (overall dimensions).
Shoe Spacer, Parallel Arm Closers, Aluminum Frame, Aluminum Store Front Frame
Though not designed for use in exterior applications, the 6111 electric strike will function with the 98/9952 series exit device.  Depending on the construction of the gate post, a blade sto...
BSS means - Blade Stop Spacer.  A -61 for example would be used after the series of the closer being used. CSS means - Cush Shoe Support. A -30 for example would be used after the series of the cl...
The 6111 electric strike would work in this application with a blade stop spacer. The post that it is mounted in should be capped to protect the solenoid from the elements..
In the early cylindrical version of the AD-Series 993 locks, a spacer may be required for proper cylinder functionality.  Effected cylinder types are PD / LD / RD / JDIf a customer is ...
The spacer (A508-640) is required to hold the cylinder in place due to the large size of the Orbit knob.