taped in glazing bead


Definition:Glazing Molding, Glass Stop; Removable Stop
Transom panels are available in the following constructions: 1 3/4" thick panels with interior construction similar to an L-Series door installed into a frame either Without a transom bar - r...
Glazing Bead
Yes. 1 7/16" thick glass but a special rabbet size is required. The size of rabbet required for the frames would depend on the size of the glazing bead being used. For 1" wide glazing stops, ...
Glass Light is a preparation in a door for view window, vision and/or glazing including glass stop and glazing bead and may also be refereed to as a lite. Doors are available with a wide variety o...
You can only use one GBK Glass Bead Kit (1/4") per device on fire rated openings. Glass Bead Kit is for use on doors with raised glass beads.