Swing gate locks


The top rod is adjusted too short, so when pushpad is pressed it is not operating the top latch enough to get into the hold down position. The top rod would need to be lengthened by turning the lat...
The MA lock is field reversible.  The process involves three potential steps depending on what hand is needed. Rotating latchbolt - Changes swing of lock.  ex (RH to RHR) or insw...
The RU lock is factory handed for a Left hand or Right hand door.   For reverse handing ( Left hand reverse and Right hand reverse doors) see step 9 of the installatio...
The Senior Swing control box has a built in (programmable) relay output for connection to a Fail Safe/Fail Secure electric strike/maglock or to an EL Device power supply.
The dead stop post would need to be removed and the 4040/4040XP EDA mounting template for 180° would be followed.
The 4000T Series closers have a maximum opening of 90°.
The standard 1460 EDA arm is not long enough to allow the door to open 180°.