standard frame depth


The backset is 2 3/4" from edge of door to the center line of the device and strike. The preparation for the WS98/99 strike must be specified when placing order for the frame.
The location to the top of hinge will vary depending on hinge size used. 6'8" Frame with 1 1/2 pair of hinges (top to top): For 4 1/2" hinges from the head to top of each hinge is 7 1/2", 37 7...
Wallboard must penetrate a minimum of ½” into the hollow metal frame, based on NFPA Pamphlet 80, (page 80-2, figure A. .
Standard Doors: standard inverted bottom channels will accept the following manufactures automatic door bottoms: National Guard (320) Pemko (420) Zero International (355/354)
Special (custom) option: a special/optional end channel that will support the following manufactures: National Guard (422/423/522) Pemko (443) Zero International (360/364).
Falcon Standard Bitting Specs - 018 system Falcon Restricted Bitting Specs - 025 system
Steelcraft does not manufacture 12 gage closed section mullions. The maximum is 14 gauge. Steelcraft can provide the outer perimeter  (open sections only)  of a transom frame in 12 gage material. ...
Face to face dimension of the frame
Yes, an additional jamb anchor can be used at the bottom of the frame in lieu of the typical (adjustable or weld-in) base anchor in fire rated frames. This is limited to the anchor designed for...
Overhead Concealed door closers are used to provide a more aesthetic look to the opening.  Concealed in either the frame or the door Offer the ability to be adjusted to maintain...