removing old handset


The ES Filter started to ship with these units (Senior Swing/Benchmark/Falcon) on 4/22/2013.  The ES Filter kit will help eliminate line noise from an Electric Strike if used. 
On the Senior Swing, if you have line noise from a strike the unit will go into an Error Code on the Control Box (Er14) and will not operate.  Adding the ES Filter, which is a diode, will eliminate...
On the Benchmark and Falcon, if there is line noise from a strike then the unit will lose it's hold open time.  Adding the ES Filter, which is a diode, will resolve this issue and the unit will hol...
The old 4030 series was: Handed Mounted regular arm hinge side. Had sized springs, were not adjustable. The 4033 is an obsolete closer.  If required, handing can be verified by looking at ...
To remove the knob:  Turn key 45 degrees clockwise Push in catch push pin and pull off knob  
*The older wafer style locks did not use a knob catch.  The chassis must be disassembled before the knob can be removed because it uses the wafer lock chassis spindle.
The Dor-O-Matic overhead concealed manual door closers have been obsolete since 1999, and there are no parts available for them.
The blue lever tool remover, 24002693, is not shipped in every box. The existing wire spring lever removal tool will be included in every box.