QEL rated for continuous duty


The Von Duprin EL devices are rated for continuous duty.
All of Von Duprin 6000 series electric strikes have continuous duty solenoids either 12 or 24VDC.
The Falcon EL devices can be operated in a continuous duty cycle.
Applies to L9090EL/EU, L9091EL/EU, L9092EL/EU, L9093EL/EU, L9094EL/EU, L9095EL/EUThe Schlage electrified L-Series wiring diagram can be found here and the re...
Applies to L9080EL/EU. L9082EL/EU (Discontinued)The Schlage electrified L-Series wiring diagram can be found here and the requirements are listed below. 24VAC or 24VDC (maximum 26V, ...
Click here to show the differences of an installed lockcase between the L9090, L9091, L9092, L9093, L9094, L9095 EL/EU and the L9080 EL/EU
Applies to L9090EL/EU, L9091EL/EU, L9092EL/EU, L9093EL/EU, L9094EL/EU, L9095EL/EUOvervoltage will cause the lock to shut down for approximately 5 minutes to allow the circu...
It is normal for a solenoid to be warm to the touch.
Various situations, such as continuous duty use or application of voltage that is higher than specified, can cause the solenoid to become warm.
If there is concern that the solenoid or device is "too hot" or has the capability to cause injury, disconnect the device and contact a authorized service representative to analyze the opening.