Purchase circuit board for keyless entry


See PCB replacement instructions below. The horn is part of the board and can only be replaced by replacing the entire board.
The following are part numbers for 2670 Guard X exit device PCB: pcb.10018 for English pcb.10019 for Spanish pcb.10020 for French
CO-100 now allows the PIN code length to be changed manually.  Each CO100 has a label that indicates its firmware revision.  Firmware revision 2.5.0 or higher support these...
CO-100 PIN length can range from 3 digits to 6 digits with firmware version 2.5.0 and higher.
Procedure to change PIN length: 1. Press {programming code (default is 97531)} then {*}.2. Press {99} then {*}, to enter Special Function Length Menu.3. Press {4} then {*}, to enter Pin Length M...
CO-100 now has NEW lock status reporting capabilities. Battery status, firmware version, hardware version and PCB serial number. See instructions below for these status menus.