legacy wa locks


BAA/ARRA stand for Buy American Act and American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.   A brief description of some of the federal requirements can be found in the BAA Catalog on the ...
Country of Origin (COO) information can be found in the Buy American Act (BAA) brochure.
To obtain product certification forms: Download the BAA Catalog on the Allegion website  Complete the information requested in the the BAA Catalog with a detai...
Schlage G Series template locate here.
The blue lever tool remover, 24002693, is not shipped in every box. The existing wire spring lever removal tool will be included in every box.  
The MD latches are no longer available.  Pictures of the latches are not available. Illustrations of the latches are below.  
The MD Handleset latches are no longer available. Pictures of the MD Handleset latches are not available. Illustrations of the latches are below.
The 81 service manual can be found here.
The D lever was discontinued in October 2003 and there are no parts available.
The G-Series lockset was discontinued in 1981, and all service parts for the G-Series lock were discontinued in 1985. 
 The current interconnect lock, S200 series (available in levers only), will not fit into the same door preparation.
The old D series springcage part numbers are as follows: C303-035 - Inside Springcage C303-036 - Outside Springcage These parts are no longer available.
No, the AD400 / WRI400/ WPR400 only work with the PIM 400-485 or PIM 400-TD2. The legacy WA locks / WRI / WPR2/ WSM only communicate with the legacy PIM-485 or PIM-TD2.
“Cache Mode” is an AD-Series feature which, accumulates and stores valid credentials that have recently been granted access by the Access Panel or head-in system. This recently granted access histo...
The number of bits selected for "Card Bit Format" on an AD400 or AD300 must be equal too or larger than the bits on the cards in use. Setting this number correctly enables the cache mode collectio...
The AD300 and AD400 devices do not store audits during cache mode.  Audit "Date and Time" information and the saving of audit information is an Access Control Panel function, and during cache mode ...
An AD400 granting credentials access in “cache mode” will blink the Schlage with the normal green LED, followed by a brief red Schlage LED flash, indicating no RF communication and access was grant...