LCN warranty change


Because of the new extended LCN warranties and the desire to be consistent across the entire Allegion premium brands, LCN will be moving away from offering an out-of-warranty repair service beginni...
For Warranty information, visit or contact Customer Service at 877-671-7011.  
4810 series is a Top Jamb Pull Side application. 4820 series is a Top Jamb Push Side application. 4840 series is a Parallel Arm Push Side application.
The 4840 and the 4810 are they only cylinders that can be interchanged, they use the same cylinder for their individual applications.
The 4640 Regular arm (4640-3077) is the same as: 4040 Long Arm 4820 Regular arm. The arms listed above are for reveals up to 4 1/2" and have a 8 3/8" long rod and shoe. 4640 Long arm ...