LCN telephone closers


The 330 closer and parts were discontinued in early 2009. LCN does not have any parts available for the 330 series closer. The LCN 3030 Series would be the comparable closer replacement to the...
The TEL option is only available on the 4010, 4020, and the 4110 series closers. The 4041/4040XP is not available with TEL (telephone closer). 
For Warranty information, visit or contact Customer Service at 877-671-7011.  
The old 4030/4130 closers and arms are obsolete, there is nothing to replace them. No arm from other closers will fit  There is no closer that can replace the old 4030 series closer with the exa...
The LCN closers are not designed nor intended to be exterior mounted in the elements.  
STANDARD ROD AND SHOE: 4020, 4031, 1460, 1520, 1370, 1070, 1260, 4640, 4820 is: 8 3/8” LONG ROD AND SHOE: 4020: 4031, 1460, 1520, 1370, 1070, 1260, 4640, 4820 is: 12 3/8” STANDARD ROD AN...