L series Escutcheon blank


Typically for a 1-3/4" door you would use a 1-1/4" cylinder.  Use the Table in the Pricebook for a reference:  
We have several blank trims listed in the price book to cover existing trim prep in door.  DEVICE EO TRIM   22  230EO  88  880EO   98/99  990EO or 996EO*  33A/35A Rim, 33/3...
The 996EO trim is just the plate without the lever and cylinder hole
Both adaptors are used on the B250 Series for doors prepped with a 2-1/8" bored hole instead of the 1-1/2" bored hole. 38-031 is a light gauge ring for use under a cylinder, diameter is 2 1/2" ...