kick plates with no holes available


The 8402 protection plate may be ordered as NH-A which is no holes, with adhesive.  Our adhesive has been fire tested.  8402 with NH (no holes, no adhesive) is not available because using...
643E is not available with Ives protection plates.  Black is the closest finish that is offered.  US10B is also available, but that is a living finish that will wear over time.  Schl...
Stainless steel - 18 gauge Brass - 16 gauge Aluminum - 16 gauge
Yes, Steelcraft doors we are approved up to 48" in height or not to exceed a total 2304 square inches per face. Protective plates are usually flat sheets of metal or plastic applied to one or both...
The 8402 kick plate is "A" label for metal doors and "B" for wood doors.
These items are not available from Schlage or Falcon. There are third party companies such as Don-Jo or Pro-Lok that manufacture cover plates.