I can not find AD-Series Accessories


Customers should maintain their Schlage Utility Software at the latest version that is available.  This ensures that they have the latest features available and will be compatible with current...
Click here to go to the Allegion site.As of 5/19/2020 Latest version is: 6.8.2
Updating the Schlage Utility Software (SUS) on a Hand Held Device (HHD) will cause the SUS "Login Password" AND the current device "Coupling Password" to be reset to factory default settings of - 1...
The original Inside Cover (Fig. 6 and Fig. 8) and the new Inside Covers (Fig. 7 and Fig. 9) are all compatible to the original Main PCB but only the new Inside Covers press on the tamper switch in ...
This information can be found at the following URL's: AD200/AD250/AD300/AD400 Cylindrical http://w3.securitytechnologies.com/irstdocs/installinstructions/102104 P516-092.pdf
AD200/AD250/AD300/AD400 Mortise http://w3.securitytechnologies.com/irstdocs/installinstructions/102106 P516-093.pdf
AD200/AD250/AD300/AD400 Cylindrical Exit http://w3.securitytechnologies.com/irstdocs/installinstructions/102264 P516-094.pdf
AD200/AD250/AD300/AD400 Mortise Exit http://w3.securitytechnologies.com/irstdocs/installinstructions/102263 P516-095.pdf
CO100/CO200/CO250 Cylindrical http://w3.securitytechnologies.com/irstdocs/installinstructions/104214 P516-266.pdf
CO100/CO200/CO250 Mortise http://w3.securitytechnologies.com/irstdocs/installinstructions/104213 P516-267.pdf
CO-Series Cylindrical Exit http://w3.securitytechnologies.com/irstdocs/installinstructions/102297 P516-268.pdf
CO-Series Mortise Exit http://w3.securitytechnologies.com/irstdocs/installinstructions/102296 P516-269.pdf
This information can be found at the following URL's: AD200 http://us.allegion.com/content/dam/allegion-us-2/web-documents-2/UserGuide/Schlage_AD-200_Offline_Lock_User_Guide_-_English_102107.pdf
AD250 http://us.allegion.com/content/dam/allegion-us-2/web-documents-2/UserGuide/Schlage_AD-250_Offline_Lock_User_Guide_-_English_102108.pdf
AD300 http://us.allegion.com/content/dam/allegion-us-2/web-documents-2/UserGuide/Schlage_Utility_Software_User_Guide_6.4.2_104390.pdf
AD400 http://us.allegion.com/content/dam/allegion-us-2/web-documents-2/UserGuide/Schlage_AD-400_and_AD-401_Networked_Wireless_Lock_User_Guide_104387.pdf
CO100 http://us.allegion.com/content/dam/allegion-us-2/web-documents-2/UserGuide/Schlage_CO-100_Offline_Lock_User_Guide_-_English_104210.pdf CO200 http://us.allegion.com/content/dam/allegion-us-...
CO250 http://us.allegion.com/content/dam/allegion-us-2/web-documents-2/UserGuide/Schlage_CO-250_User_Guide_English_104208.pdf
Warranty on the HHD is one (1) year from date of purchase.    The battery for the HHD (Bluebird Pidion) is covered under warranty.   However, as the batteries are not ...
No, the 33A is not compatible with the AD and  CO 993  chassis units. The  33A can only be driven in a clockwise direction. This would restrict it to right hand installs only.
ALWAYS put the PIM400 in LINK mode first. On a PIM400-TD2 press the LINK1 Button for door one, and LINK2 button for door 2. With a PIM400-485 you must use the SUS/HHD to select which door to LINK.  
1. To put the AD400 in LINK mode, hold down the RTE (Lever or crash bar see below) and press the # key on the key board, or present a card to the reader.            Why press the # key? Because t...
2. AD400 requires a Request To Exit (RTX) signal to link - see the user guide instructions for the linking process.  For an AD400 to enter link mode, it must see the RTX (Request To Exit) switc...
   3. Check the AA battery level, if the AA batteries are below 4.7 volts the AD400 can fail to LINK.             Install fresh batteries, with a level of 6.0 volts or better.  
4. PIM400/AD400 COM400 plug could be damaged! The small pins in the Main PCB board connection for the RF COMM board can get bent during installation of the RF COM400 board. If the PINs are bent a...
Some Access Control Panels are designed with “Supervised” or “Dry contact” requirements for the inputs and have no common ground between the ACP (Access Control Panel) and device at the door. “S...
Schlage offers the “RLBD” to support these supervised or dry contact interface applications. The "RLBD" plugs directly into the PIM400-TD2 or PIB300-TD2 for easy hook-up.  
Please reference this Tehnical Note RLBD SES-20120418 for RLBD setup, use information, hook-up diagrams and some testing suggestions when connecting to a Supervised dry contact Access Contro...
This is a link to the RLBD Installation Instructions.
This RLBD data sheet can also be found at Schlage/Technical Support. RLBD DataSheet