green brown core


Rim cylinder housing only for FSIC is part number 20-079.
Rim cylinder housing only for SFIC is part number 80-129.
All doors are tested in accordance with ASTM C1363 and SDI 113:B18 Series (Steel Stiffeners)     U-Factor = 0.50     R-Value = 2.01B16 Series (Steel Sti...
The 8310-877 comes with a 6 wire cable. You have to cut the connectors off both ends and hardwire it to the 4600 operator as follows: The 6 wire cable connections to the 7 pin connector in the 8310...
All of the Everest D sections/keyways are restricted.
Refer to Table 1 for a list of T lock tailpieces for conventional cylinders.  Table 2 shows IC tailpieces. Table 1: T lock conventional tailpieces Table 2: T lock IC tailpieces
Any SFIC core will operate in the C987.  Specifically, the Schlage temporary cores are the 80-035 GRN and 80-035 BRN.
The 23-030 is a Schlage Full size interchangeable core. 
The full size interchangeable cores or FSIC from Schlage.