g series manual


The only routine maintenance required on a biometric hand reader is cleaning.  The platen surface upon which the hand is placed, the side mirrors, and the overhead window should be cleaned with rea...
The 81 service manual can be found here.
Schlage G Series template locate here.
These references are from an old and outdated SDI 100 specification. The new specification SDI 100 ANSI A-250.8 does not contain letter designations for core material. Core constructions designat...
The holding force on an SE/ME Series door closer is approximately 35 lbs. and they can be manually pulled out of hold open with approximately 35 lbs of force. 
The minimum stile and rail dimensions with glass trim are as follow: Top Rail: 6 1/4" top of door to exposed glass or 5 1/2" top of door to cutout Center Rail: 6 1/2" exposed gla...