fire lite vision panels


Transom panels are available in the following constructions: 1 3/4" thick panels with interior construction similar to an L-Series door installed into a frame either Without a transom bar - r...
NO - Louvers are not approved for installation in a fire rated transom / side panel frames.  NFPA Pamphlet 80 - paragraph # states “Louvers shall not be installed in either transom or s...
Decorative metal panels can only be attached if the panel manufacturer is UL listed in UL’s category GVUZ. All installation, sizes and hourly ratings are in accordance with that manufacturers” ...
G, G-Light; Vision Panel
FG, FG2, FG3; Vision Panel
Vision Panel, Glass light, Glasslight; V, V-Light, 10 X 10 light
N, N3, N4, N5, LNL; Vision Panel