falcon panel adapter


The 419 panel adaptor is the replacement for both the obsolete 145 shoe, and 418 panel bracket (both were made obsolete in 2009). The 419 panel adaptor is 4" wide, 2" tall, and projects 3". ST-069...
Narrow Frame, PA Mount, Parallel Arm Mount, Parallel Arm Installation, PA Installation
The 4040 XP CUSH/EDA can be mounted on a Flush Transom frame by using a -419 Flush Panel adapter.
The 4110 series closer is installed on a flush transom frame using the -419 flush panel adapter.
Both adaptors are used on the B250 Series for doors prepped with a 2-1/8" bored hole instead of the 1-1/2" bored hole. 38-031 is a light gauge ring for use under a cylinder, diameter is 2 1/2" ...
 The Basic PS914 power supply will not accept a 900-FA fire alarm board. 900-8F option board is required with PS914 power supply to accept 900-FA fire alarm board (900-8F is an adaptor board for...
Products shipped on or after August 8, 2012 no longer require the EL wiring adaptor.
  The part number for EL wiring adaptor is 44486876-00.  The part number contains two adaptors.