The Von Duprin 6000 series electric strike can be converted by ordering the appropriate kits below.  Kits include the solenoid, plunger, spring, and washer. 6000 Series solenoid Kit 1...
All 6000 series electric strike would require the solenoid be replaced to convert from one voltage to the other.
An electric strike or maglock (24 volt only) can be wired to a Senior Swing 2800/9500 series operator using the P10 Lock Interface cable. To power the 24VDC electric strike or maglo...
The Von Duprin 6000 series electric strike has a 12 or 24VDC solenoid with plunger, spring and impact washer as shown 6000 solenoid Make sure the solenoid spring and impact washer are not missin...
Either a 12 or 24VDC pigtail is required to power the 6300 electric strike.  Replacement pigtails are available, order the 050803-00.
All of Von Duprin 6000 series electric strikes have continuous duty solenoids either 12 or 24VDC.