el max distance


The PIB300/PIB301 should be located as close as possible to the Access Control Panel.  Do not exceed 500 feet.
Wiring distance from the PIB300/301 to the AD300/301 locksets may be up to 1000 feet (18AWG) for Power and up to 4000 feet (24AWG) for the RS485 data lines.
See the User Guide instructions in the links below
EL98/99-4 ft rim device required minimum of 35.2" with 5/8" stop height door opening on single door and 35.56" with 4954/9954 mullion.
Applies to L9090EL/EU, L9091EL/EU, L9092EL/EU, L9093EL/EU, L9094EL/EU, L9095EL/EUOvervoltage will cause the lock to shut down for approximately 5 minutes to allow the circu...
Followings could cause the PS914-2RS power supply to cycle on and off: Wrong gauge wire or run distance from power supply to the EL device. Click HERE for wiring requirements Over load  to the ...
You can operate two EL devices with PS914-2RS, up to four with PS914-4RL and up to eight with PS914-4RL-4RL with limited distance from power supply to the EL devices.