door design clearance


Clearance; Door Edge Clearance, Edge Clearance, Under cut,
To determine Actual Door Size, the following values are subtracted from nominal door size (frame opening/order size) Actual Door Size: The largest measured width by height of the door leaf as m...
Clearance, ; Door Clearance, Design Clearance
Yes, glass light can be used or prepped in conjunction with the Von Duprin 94/95 Series INPACT device however there are dimensional limitations between the glass light and the InPact door preparati...
Glass lights available: Standard Glass Lights - The N4, N5 & V lite can be used at standard locations with out any modification. Glass Light Options - Other glass lights are available but ...
You can only use one GBK Glass Bead Kit (1/4") per device on fire rated openings. Glass Bead Kit is for use on doors with raised glass beads.