For 33/3549A and 98/9949 cable devices shipped from the factory AFTER 7-15-2016:The door opening height must be specified during order entry. The 33/3549A and 98/9949 cable devices are availab...
The measurements from center line to centerline of the mounting holes are 2-3/8"  x  6-3/4".
Clear Opening Width for swinging doors is measured (with the door open 90 degree) from the face of door to stop soffit on strike jamb.          &nbs...
Butt hinges can be used on  doors up to 4' wide and 200 pounds.  There is no maximum door height, just need to add a hinge for every 30" or part there of over 7'.
For both DW and K-Series Drywall Slip-on frames, Steelcraft locates the compression anchor in the jamb soffits approximately 4" down from the head on each jamb. Regardless of door opening height: ...
Steelcraft Paladin PW-Series doors and FP-Series frames meet FEMA Tornado Resistant requirements and have been designed and tested to meet the requirements of FEMA 361 guidelines and ANSI ICC500. ...
The maximum door width that pivots have been tested is a 4' wide door.  Any door greater than 4' would shorten the life of the pivots. There is no maximum door height, for offset pivots the ru...
Monorail cutouts are typically the upper corner of door. Channels are cut to size welded into door held flush to cutout. We do not supply any covers or plates to finish.
The size monorail cutout is 8" wide x 24" high
Monorail cutouts are only available for non fire rated applications.
From head to centerline of each hinge (4 1/2" or 5") is 9 3/4", 39 3/64", 68 11/32" & 97 41/64".
The hinge spacing on a 9'0" frame opening height is 29 19/64".
From Head to top of each 4 1/2" hinge is 7 1/2", 36 51/64", 66 3/32" & 95 25/64". From Head to top of each 5" hinge is 7 1/4", 36 35/64", 65 27/32" & 95 9/64".