delete code from lock


The lever may be missing the slot feature for the core locking lug.  Verify slot is in place.
After rotating  the key to unlock the lock, you must return the key to its normal position to remove it. 
This is usually caused because the wrong tailpiece is being used on non-IC cylinders or the incorrect driver for IC options. Use the below descriptions to identify which they need.NON-IC: There are...
Many problems with AD-series locks can be resolved by performing a Factory Default Reset (FDR).  This process will clear the memory and any stored configurations, re-enabling default...
To perform an FDR on an AD-series lock: 1.     Remove the inside top cover of the lock.  This will expose the main board and activate the tamper switch.   2. &...
Note: An FDR cannot be performed if an HHD is plugged into the lock.