chexit device keyed entry


The Von Duprin CX 98/99-4 feet Rim devices on single doors with 5/8" stops and the standard 299 roller strike can be field sized to fit a minimum of 40.2" door opening.  This an...
Using the key from the pull side of the door does not retract the latch bolt on a rim or vertical rod chexit device.
CX98/9975 mortise devices will retract the latch bolt when the key is used on the pull side of the door.
The NL key override will not open the door while Chexit rim or vertical rod device is in the arm mode.
Chexit devices shipped after 8-24-2015 with motor driven has a twelve wire connector wires and is keyed and can only plugged into the Chexit module in one direction.   Chexit d...
If Chexit device LED blink once when you turn the unit on, the External inhibit green wire is not by passed or not connected to the access control normally closed contact.  For devices sh...