are electrified trim field handable


Changing the hands is not an option.  Recommendation is to replace the E376L trim with the correct handing.
Changing the handing on a Von Duprin 373L trim requires following parts: LHR to RHR requires 090092 ( Package of 4 springs ) and 050597 ( back plate assembly ). RHR to LHR requires  090091 ( Pa...
The Von Duprin E996L electric trim is field reversible. See attached 996L installation instructions on page 2 for rehanding procedure.  996L Installation Instructions
Handing can be field changed, see step 3 of the 510L installation instructions.
The Von Duprin 230L trim can be re-handed in the field by following the steps listed in the 230L/L-BE Instructions
The 4010 door closer is handed and they are not field reversible.
4040XP Series (4040 DEL) is a universal closer. *(see note) Non Handed closer. Can be mounted on a RH or LH door. 4041XP - Adjustable size 1 to 6. Can mount push side or pull side of the doo...
Template, ID, Time Zone, and Authority Level are the four fields that make up a basic user template in a biometric F-Series or E-Series hand reader.