alk dip switch


The newer "programmable" RF transmitters/receivers will not work with the older "dip switch" transmitters/receivers. The frequency and coding are different.
Caution: Resetting/cold booting a biometric handreader resets the handreader to factory default settings and erases the user database. To reset or cold boot a biometric F-Series handreader with ...
ALK kit comes with standard RX switch. It can be ordered without the RX switch or with LX switch as an option.
The RX switch is required to activate the ALK. The RX switch monitors the pushbar and will signal the ALK to go into alarm when the pushbar is depressed. The RX switch also allows free in...
You should use the LX switch with the Von Duprin surface vertical rod exit device because the rods are exposed and are vulnerable to attack. IE, the top rod can be grasped and forced down to retrac...
Yes.  The exit alarm ALK is shipped standard with a RX, request to exit switch, but can work with the optional LX, latch bolt monitor switch.  If there is no switch in the device it will never alarm.
The Chexit device has a different base plate and center case than the ALK.  The Chexit device would need to be replaced with an ALK device.