ada height for push and pulls


8103EZ and 9103EZ have 2 1/2" clearance the other pulls have 1-1/2" clearance. Check with your local code for clearance required.
The only difference between the 9130 and 9140 Benchmark operators are the arms. To convert a Benchmark 9310 (pull) to a 9140 (push), order a 9140-3077 push arm assembly ...
Electro-hydraulic Automatic Operators are: Designed for manual opening applications where there is occasional need for automating the door to meet ADA requirements.  Electrically powere...
Hospital latch available backsets:  2-3/4", 3-3/4", 5" or 7"
The 4040SE is non handed and can be mounted on the push or pull side of the door.
 Pneumatic Automatic Operators are used in areas where electrically operated devices are not convenient or permitted.  Consists of a modified, heavy-duty door closer for manual oper...