AD series that support HID smart


See attachment for details: Smart readers support:
All Schlage/XceedID wiegand proximity readers currently understand: -ASK (Amplitude Shift Key) - Used in GE/CASI -FSK (Frequency Shift Key) - Used in HID Prox, AWID, and Lenel The third proximit...
ISOX card technology is no longer supported - contact XceedID sales
If the error "Device does not support this action - E802" appears when trying to couple the lock, it is generally because the user is not pressing the SW1 tamper button 3 times, but instead pressin...
In order to properly couple, the interior pushbutton must be held down while tapping the SW1 (tamper switch) three times.  This will enable the lock to couple to the HHD.
See attachment for details: Proximity readers support
See attachment for details: Magnetic Swipe reader supports:
ADFwPkg 2.17.10 released 06/06/2011 is the first AD firmware Package that supports WRI400 and CT5000 devices.
SUS 4.4.0 released on 06/06/2011 is the first released SUS version compatible with WRI400 and CT5000 devices.