Ad construction mode


Out of the Box, or after a Factory Default Reset, all AD locks can be used in a "Construction Mode".    At launch ...   The AD-Series locks would accept the first card credentia...
Update your device firmware to the latest version to fix this early design / feature update
Many problems with AD-series locks can be resolved by performing a Factory Default Reset (FDR).  This process will clear the memory and any stored configurations, re-enabling default...
To perform an FDR on an AD-series lock: 1.     Remove the inside top cover of the lock.  This will expose the main board and activate the tamper switch.   2. &...
Note: An FDR cannot be performed if an HHD is plugged into the lock. 
BE467/FE410 Construction credentials:Must be an 8Kbit MIFARE Classic Keyfob (Schlage Model Number 9651)All construction credentials to be used on a particular lock must have the same facility code
Construction (9651) credentials can be enrolled and used as normal credentials
Creating a Master Construction Credential - From first power up or after clearing memory: Remove the CT5000 lid. Press and hold the Schlage button. Present a credential to the reader within ...
The coin cell Nuisance Delay on CO200 and CO250 can be temporarily disabled using the Schlage Utility Software.
Once disabled via the SUS application, the CO lock will no longer delay the access for valid credentials.
If your CO lock began indicating a low coin cell (Nuisance Delay) after a door file has been downloaded, the coin cell is low and should be replaced. (CR2032)The coin cell Nuisance Delay will be "A...
The coin cell Nuisance Delay settings in the SUS application is not available until such time that a Door file is successfully downloaded to the lockset.
The coin cell is ignored when the lock sets are used with Manual Programming ONLY or while in Construction mode.