will mt series readers work with iCLASS cards


The reader has curved edges, so it cannot be flush mounted.
All Schlage/XceedID wiegand proximity readers currently understand: -ASK (Amplitude Shift Key) - Used in GE/CASI -FSK (Frequency Shift Key) - Used in HID Prox, AWID, and Lenel The third proximit...
ISOX card technology is no longer supported - contact XceedID sales
Schlage MT readers cannot function using F2F protocol.  The readers output wiegand or RS485 OSDP communication, not F2F.  In most cases, a wiegand-to-F2F data converter device is used. &...
No, they are HID brand credentials. However, Schlage MT-series readers will read CASI proximity cards by default.
The MT and MTK reader heads for the AD-series locks will ONLY read the public CSN of iClass cards, which with SEOS means a different random CSN every time the card is read. Recommendation: Use Si ...