where we can get templates?


All the templates can be found at us.allegion.com   Please click here
The dead stop post would need to be removed and the 4040/4040XP EDA mounting template for 180° would be followed.
The 4110-18, and 4110-18 CUSH  drop plates are identical. The difference between a 4110 EDA, and a 4110 CUSH is the templating on the door. That is why you order them differently, to...
There is not a wood template for 9957 three point latches, use the 98/99 rim template W10301 to get the correct device backset.  For NL trim (990NL) use trim template and installation instruction W...
Click HERE for the  instruction and template for 237L device.
The hole should be drilled in the field once the end cap is located on the door.  It is a 5/8" hole, that is located 5/16" from the end of the mechanism case. See installation instruction of t...