Where do I find Von Duprin keypads


All Keypad ONLY credentials with firmware versions between 2.9.2 and 2.11.0 should be updated to the latest firmware available at www.schlage,com/support.
A firmware issue with Keypad ONLY credential firmware, versions 2.9.2 through 2.11.0 and manufactured between 9-9-2010 and 1-5-2011 will exhibit poor battery life.
The Keypad ONLY credential Reader (KP) can prevent the reader from entering its low power sleep mode - with firmware versions 2.9.2 through 2.11.0
A Technical Note has been generated to document one method of measuring battery current. See the attachment HERE.
The VD 7308/7311/7321/7322 were replaced by the KP212 Von Duprin 7311 and 7321 key pads were discontinued and there are not direct replacements Von Duprin no longer sells key pads, contact Schl...
Von Duprin used to offer a KP992L trim that was operating the 98/99 series exit devices but it was discontinued in mid 1990.  Von Duprin does not make a keypad trim any longer.