where do i find mullions


The Von Duprin XP98/99 device uses a different strike than standard 98/99 device. The 909 strike is for non fire rated XP devices and the 954 strike is for the fire rated XP device. 49/9954 mul...
The male and female receptacle wire assemblies (wiring hardness) are included in 48/9854 and KR48/9854 mullions. The wiring harness is the same in a 4854 and 9854 mullions. 105987 is the part n...
The 4854 and 4954 mullion dimensions are 2" width x 3" deep.
1-1/8" at door face, 2-3/8" at widest point, 3-1/2" depth, with 1/8" thick walls.