where do I find Monarch key card trims and part?


Schlage does not recommend cutting the L or LP section key blanks in the field.  Below are some details. Non Primus: In the classic family of keyways the "L" key section is the highe...
The hex dogging key size for all Falcon-Monarch exit devices is 7/32".
The part number is 48-102 C, you will need to specify the cuts.
  Part Number Level  Classic Primus 40-061 1  40-065 1 Plus  40-062 2  Classic Primus XP 40-061-XP 1 40-065-XP 1 Plus  40-062-XP 2 Everest Primus 40-06...
The current 712L/912L (after 2/28/2011) can be field converted by purchasing the NL Spring part #600339 and following the L to NL function change instructions.
Yes, "Standard" was the old name for the sectional pull trim for the 18/XX devices and is now called Athena.  The trim is the same, only a name change.
See the installation instructions 718 for -C devices.
Templates for current 718 series trim can also be found on Falcon website
The Monarch KIL trim uses the following cylinders: Schlage Cylinders 23-013 Conventional 20-750 Primus 20-750-XP Primus XP 20-550 Primus UL437 20-550-XP Primus ...