where can I get parts


LCN does not sell direct. LCN only sells through it's Distributors and Dealers.  Local Allegion Sales Representative will have a list of local Distributors.To contact a Local Allegion - LCN Sa...
The Dor-O-Matic overhead concealed manual door closers have been obsolete since 1999, and there are no parts available for them.
ND levers and roses are available to be ordered as separate parts with the antimicrobial (AM) finish.
The Exit Only (EO) device will accept any 19 Series trim as the main cam for the trim input is always put on the device center case.
The FingerKey product line was officially discontinued as of February 2011.  The process began in September 2010 however, as of February 2, 2011, no new orders were accepted and any parts left...
To clean the platen on a hand reader, apply a Windex-like product with a clean, soft cloth and allow it to air dry.  The hand reader platen overlay has an anti-microbial surface.  Should ...