Where can I buy my solenoid


The solenoids are not replaceable by themselves but can be ordered with a subassembly. On the SE products the track must be replaced, specify finish and voltage On the ME products the cylinder mus...
Solenoid for the older E992L is not available even via Engineering as a Special. The E992L trim was discontinued in August 2005 when the E996L trim was introduced. The current E996L solenoid i...
The EL94/95 Inpact solenoid is different than the EL33A/35A/98/99 solenoid. The part for the Inpact solenoid is 113189.  
As of 1/16/2013, the 113189-00 EL INPACT SOLENOID/PLUNGER ASSY is no longer available.
It is normal for a solenoid to be warm to the touch.
Various situations, such as continuous duty use or application of voltage that is higher than specified, can cause the solenoid to become warm.
If there is concern that the solenoid or device is "too hot" or has the capability to cause injury, disconnect the device and contact a authorized service representative to analyze the opening.
The best way to test the Von Duprin EL solenoid is with an ohm meter. You must test both coils to make sure the solenoid is good. The coil has three wires; green, yellow, and orange. The green...
It can but the solenoid will need to be purchased through New England Door Closer as the factory discontinued the old ELR solenoid (part #650092-000) in June 2010.
This is usually an indicator of applying excessive voltage.  Measure the voltage going into the solenoid and make sure you have 24-26.4VDC cross the two wires going into the solenoid. Also measure ...